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Classic Concepts offers a professional interior architectural service, as well as personalised designs and unique ideas specific to each client’s requirements. Classic Concepts undertakes both local and international projects ranging from corporate, residential, retail, hospitality, lodges, spas and boutique hotels.

With 28 years of combined experience, we are able to provide our clients with solutions to utilise their interior spaces pragmatically while maximising the aesthetics with the “wow” factor.

Having grown accustomed to clients’ varied styles and unique spaces, we are afforded the opportunity to use our imaginations, experience and expertise to always produce top quality results. We are creative, innovative, friendly and professional. We tailor our services to each individual project, these services can begin from a design concept and run through to a full turnkey project.

We strive to develop interior spaces with an underlying classicism that survives the passage of design trends. We are committed to co-ordinating the design efforts with an organised and well managed project that consistently exceeds clients’ expectations and come in on budget.

Classic Concepts have highly qualified and experienced architects and interior designers who keep present trends and modern designing in mind while offering superior interior design and architectural services.

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T4 Architects

Gauteng based Architects – Professional Complete Architects Services in Residential and Commercial Developments

Tel: 011 425 6064
Cell: 083 250 4241 (Marc)
Cell: 083 352 3818 (Lynette)
Fax: 086 519 2250
Email: info@t4architects.co.za
Website: www.t4architects.co.za