Interior Design & Space Planning

Our qualified interior design specialists work closely with our architectural and building service teams. Together they produce holistic design themes that work beautifully for either new-build projects or refurbishments. At every stage we are keen to consult with stakeholders and end users. We seek their opinion on samples of furniture, lighting, finishes, fabrics, colours and accessories. Our inclusive approach means that we consider the special needs of users from the outset. We look at the way people move through a space to perform their daily tasks. Our interior plans work with the natural flow, and facilitate the functions that take place within the building. The room shapes, acoustics, lighting, and tactile response of the interiors are fundamental to the whole design concept. Materials and furnishings are selected with great care — they help to generate the sensory experience for people at work, at their studies, or at play.

Artists Impressions & 3D Views

At Classic Concepts we use high powered computing systems and the most advanced 3D modelling software to deliver cutting edge, professional photo realistic 3D images and artist impressions. Our products emulate and help visualise the finished design which are of great value to new developers, home builders and designers when trying to sell off plans, gain council approval or to simply show a client the look of a particular design.

Architectural Design

Architectural design refers to the actual design and layout of spaces. Architecture encompasses many different elements including construction, design and the manipulation of light as it relates to shadow. Classic Concepts associates itself with highly skilled and professional architects.